Without knowing it, my ancestors have brought my wife Lorraine and myself a great deal of joy and pleasure!


My great great grandfather, Francis Henry Breidenbach, married a Court Perfumerís daughter, Emily Ann Page, took over his perfumery business, which was established during the reign of King George III, and changed the name from PAGE to BREIDENBACH in 1836.  His children and grandchildren were given the name of Johann Maria Farina within their names after the famous Eau de Cologne manufacturer.


My fatherís Breidenbach name was Anglicised in 1916 to Bryden, as it was not popular to have a German name when living in London during The First World War.


Lorraine and I have spent over 20 years researching my familyís perfumery business history and collecting examples of their products to pass down to future generations of the Breidenbach family.  You will see from the following seven pages some of the products and advertisements we have collected over these most interesting and enjoyable years.


David Bryden

Breidenbach & Co

London Perfumers 1793-1930