Breidenbach advertisement placed in The Times on 17 May 1861:  


H Breidenbach respectfully invites inspection of the following list of most useful toilet articles all of which have been well tested for their superior qualities and any of which can be returned if not approved of.  Complexion – Breidenbach’s Cucumber and Elder Flower Milks for removing sunburns, freckles etc 2s 6d; rose, violet and lily complexion powders rendering the face, neck and arms immediately white and blooming, without injury to the skin 1s 6d and 2s 6d.  All warranted of the very best by H Breidenbach perfumer and distiller of flowers to the Queen, Prince Consort and the Duchesses of Kent and Cambridge 157b New Bond Street London and of all respectable chymists and perfumers”.

Breidenbach & Co