Emma Leslie and Harriett Boultwood

Two of my great great aunts were Emma Leslie and Harriett Boultwood, who both wrote children’s Christian novels in the 19th century and many of their books were still being reprinted in the 1930s. Over 40 of Emma Leslie’s books were published by The Religious Tract Society (RTS), which advertised that its books were illustrated by the best artists of the age, were well printed and artistically bound.


I am trying to find as many of great great aunts Emma’s and Harriett’s books as I can, in order that these will be handed down to future generations of their descendants and be kept within the family.


My wife, Lorraine, and I have collected a number of these family books, but there are still quite a few which we would like to find for our collection.   If you have any Emma Leslie or Harriett Boultwood books and you would like to help us in our quest, please look at our two wanted pages, which list the books we have still to collect for the family.


David Bryden


To contact us, please email:  lorraine@coulsons.compulink.co.uk