Chapter 1


Daisy Arlington


It was a November evening, and the weather anything but agreeable.  Accordingly those people whose business compelled them to leave home, made the utmost expedition to return to their fireside, or some other shelter, from the cutting north wind and driving sleet.


The scene where my story opens was at Blackheath—a suburb of the great city—where many London merchants reside, as it is a convenient distance by rail from their business, and quite remote from smoke and noise.  Before a long terrace of fine modern-built houses, and facing the Common—so well known in history as the scene of Wat Tyler’s insurrection—a young woman paced this dreary night.  She had been walking backwards and forwards nearly an hour, and was so much engrossed as to seem quite oblivious of the weather.

Cecil Arlington’s Quest by Harriett Boultwood


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